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The First Trimester (cont'd)

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The second month:
At this point you have likely taken that test and gotten a positive result. If you haven't yet, you will soon! Once you take a home pregnancy test and get a positive result it is very important to contact your local gynecologist/obstetrician immediately. Early and constant prenatal care is very important for not only your health, but the health of your baby.

Right now your baby looks more like an alien than a baby, and is very tiny. You are probably experiencing a lot of the aforementioned pregnancy symptoms, but it will be several more weeks before you can see a physical change. It is very important that, even if you just suspect that you may be pregnant, avoid alcohol. It is unknown as to how much or how little it takes to cause harm to a fetus. This is especially important during these early developmental stages.

Your first doctor appointment should be somewhere around the 8 week point. That is generally when you get a positive result on a home test. Your first appointment may be a little scary yet exciting. They will do some tests to confirm your pregnancy. They may do urine tests, blood tests, and even an ultrasound.

The image above shows typically what your baby will look like at your first ultrasound. This ultrasound was taken at 8 weeks gestation.

Your doctor will also prescribe you to take a daily prenatal vitamin. These are very important. You should only take them as directed. These vitamins contain the extra nutrients the pregnant women need. They are very important to the health of your baby. Do not take more than what the doctor prescribes though, because getting too much of these nutrients can be very harmful.

If you are a smoker, now is the time to stop. Smoking increasing your risk of a miscarriage or preterm birth, not to mention the numerous other health issues it can cause you and your baby. Studies have proven that women who smoke while pregnant are more likely to have a stillbirth. They have also found links between smoking and fetal growth and infant death.
If you need help quitting here are some excellent resources for you:

During the second month, your babies ears, nose and mouth start taking shape. The babies arms. legs, hands and feet will develop from tiny nubs and start to form. At this point, your babies heart is beating twice as fast as yours. As your hormone balance keeps getting thrown out of whack you may find that you are on an emotional roller coaster.


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